About our data

Today's most successful campaigns run on data. Our platform gives every candidate access to geographic, demographic, and voter data from the most-accurate, leading data sources.

Our Data Sources

L2 arms your campaign with the nation’s most accurate and robust voter file. L2’s nationwide voter file contains over 185 million regularly updated voter records. Scrubbed against the national change of address (NCOA) database and deceased voters list and include data from:

  • State and county level registered voter files
  • Eight national telephone source files
  • Thousands of consumer fields
  • Current U.S. Census Data
  • Election return data with results from every county in the U.S.
  • Our own privately-owned lifestyle and issue data

L2’s data compilation and development process is proprietary, involving both human and automated control checks throughout. This meticulous and unparalleled data collection and distribution gives your campaign the power to run more efficiently, waste less money and, most importantly, win your race.

  • National Voter File: Whether you’re running a presidential campaign or a national organization, L2 has the comprehensive national level voter file to meet your needs.
  • State Voter File: L2 takes state level voter data to the next level. Packages can be augmented with proprietary modeling data depending on the needs of your campaign.
  • District/Local Voter File: Smaller campaigns need high quality data at an affordable price. Even at the local level, L2’s superior value is impossible to beat.