How it works

Not every campaign can afford to hire a mail consultant — and that's OK. Our platform helps you create winning campaigns no matter your size or budget.

Learn how to build and launch turnkey political mail campaigns.

Reach the right targets by uploading data or using our consumer and L2 National Voter File tool.

Select a free design template, upload art files, or get professional design help from a creative professional.

Choose your preferred delivery schedule using our built-in delivery planner. Timing is everything!

Reach the right targets

Empower your campaign with millions of consumer and voter data points. Our platform gives you access to the nation's most accurate and robust voter file along with geographic, demographic, and behavioral attributes.

Upload Your Data

Target specific individuals or households using your campaign's in-house data or lists acquired through other sources.

Upload Your Data

  • Upload any target list
  • Excel (.xlsx), .csv, or delimited text files only

Use Our Data

Target the perfect audience with the nation's most accurate and robust voter and consumer data.

Use Our Data

  • Geographic & demographic filters
  • Includes County, District, & Precinct data

Design for Success

Not every campaign can afford to hire a mail consultant — and that's OK. Our expert team of in-house consultants has developed a catalog of free design templates.

Even better, we'll customize the template (text, images, logo, etc) free of charge with your order.

  • Dozens of free design templates
  • Crafted by expert mail consultants
  • General and issue-based designs
  • Free template customization
  • Free digital proofs by email
  • Templates updated monthly

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Get out the vote — by reaching targets everywhere

Only our platform lets you reach the same targets across direct mail, social media, and the web. This capability ensures every marketing dollar's reach, lifespan, and value is maximized.

The more impressions you make, the more voters you influence.