Frequently Asked Questions about political mail, products, services, and more.

Why should I use Political Mail?
Mail plays a major role in getting-out-the-vote but is also influential during every phase of the campaign. According to a 2018 post-election study by Summit Research, 79%* of voters say they were influenced by the political mail sent to their home with 72% saying it increased their awareness of candidates.
Who should use Political Mail?
Political candidates, campaign committees, political party committees, and related organizations may use political mail. The mail is used in a variety of ways, including raising money, communicating and persuading, and mobilizing voters.
How much does it cost?
Pricing ranges between 12¢ and 1.03¢ per mail piece, plus postage. Please note that postage is calculated after you upload or build a target list via the website. Our system automatically retrieves the lowest postage rates possible based on the target list.
How do I identify and send mail to campaign targets?
There are (2) ways to identify political mail campaign targets. The first method is to upload your data (an existing mailing list or database of names and addresses) directly through the online campaign builder. The second method is to use our data tools in the online campaign builder to create a new list of targets.
How do I upload my own mailing list?
Click here and follow the prompts to upload your target list. You can upload an Excel (.xlsx only), csv, or delimited text file containing a list of names and full mailing addresses.
What if some of the data on my list is inaccurate or outdated?
Our built-in tools automatically CASS certify your mailing list and run it against the National Change of Address (NCOA) USPS database. Any undeliverable addresses wil be removed or corrected free of charge during this process. Our system helps increase the accuracy and deliverability of your mail campaign while simultaneously optimizing for the lowest postage rates.
I plan to use your data. Where do you get your data?
We use a combination of the L2 Nationwide Voter File and Infutor Identity Graph data to provide the highest-quality data results possible. L2’s nationwide voter file contains over 185 million regularly updated voter records, including State and County registered voter files and election return data with results from every county in the U.S.
Do you print my mail pieces?
Yes. All Political Mail orders include full-color, double-sided printing services on commercial grade stock.
What mail piece sizes do you offer?
We offer (3) mail format size options — 6" x 11" Postcard, 8.5" x 11" Postcard, and 11" x 17" Flyer (Folds In Half).
How do the digital marketing add-on services work?
Voters (your targets) spend a great deal of time offline and online. That’s why it’s important to run consistent campaigns across multiple channels. With our digital marketing services, you can easily reach the same targets with Facebook ads, digital display (banner) ads, and email communications.
How much do the digital marketing services cost?
Most digital ads cost only 1¢ to 2¢ per impression. This price includes digital ad design, set up, and distribution. In short, the pricing includes everything you need to run digital ads in addition to your political mail campaign.
What is the turnaround time for a political mail campaign?
On average it's about 2 weeks (for printing, prep, and delivery). The turnaround time varies based on the options (i.e. design, postage class, etc) that you select for your campaign. The creative process (design) usually plays the largest role in determining total turnaround time.